What class suits me

SCPAC offers a comprehensive and varied curriculum on a repeating weekly timetable. Discover dance classes suited to your age, desired dance style and experience level.

At SCPAC, we offer all genres of dance along with theatre and vocal to provide opportunities for anyone and everyone.

Whether your child is a classical dancer, a bit funky with lots of jazz energy, more of a singer, or someone who likes a bit of everything, we offer classes that will suit all students across all ages

We love working with students of all ages, particularly the under fives who are full of fun and very engaging.

SCPAC has an introduction to dance programme, which offers a combination of dance classes for this age group. This allows our under five students to explore in a fun and encouraging class, some of the elements from the key genres of Classical Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.

In addition to our introduction dance classes, we also have Acrobatic classes for this student age range.

We offer classes for this age group in convenient morning sessions, however if dance classes later in the day work better for families that are unable to attend morning classes, they are very welcome to trial and join our Primary age afternoon classes.

For our aged 5 and 6 students, we expand their training into the primary classes throughout the core styles of Ballet, Jazz, and Tap.

Furthermore at this age students are able to explore the ever popular world of Hip Hop Dance classes, as well as continue their training in the world of Acrobatics.

Primary dance classes allow our students to focus on a style per class, moving away from the combined introduction class of the pre-school years which covers many styles.

Students in the 7 to 10 age group, will have a good foundation from their initial learning in the primary grades.

Classes and lessons in Vocal, Drama and Musical Theatre are also available to our students from this age.

At this age our students will be undertaking dedicated coaching towards their chosen dance style syllabus, with a view to sitting their dance exams.

Furthermore it is at this age that the world of Contemporary dance can be explored, to further build on the foundation styles and take students skills to the next level.

Students in 11 and up age group, will be able to continue attending intermediate classes as well as having access to some of the senior based classes, such as Antigravity.

Students of this age range, even with minimal dance experience are very welcome to enrol and begin their training or dance technique.

Students from ages 13 and up, will transition through their regular classes into the relevant grades for their ages.

In addition Senior Classes are available for this age range such as Heels, and also available are classes aimed more for adults, such as Adult Ballet.