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Hip Hop Classes

Get ready to get your vibe on, and enrol in Hip Hop Dance lessons in Caloundra with SCPAC Studios. Whether you are looking for fitness, fun, meeting others with common interests, or learning a new modern style.

On a regular basis, our specialist Hip Hop teachers research the latest in choreography to offer the most up to date styles of hip hop.

Hip Hop is a high energy form of dancing that allows the dance freedom to perform movements adding style and personality.

Caloundra Hip Hip Class

Sunshine Coast Performing Arts College Hip Hop Programme

Our high energy and fun hip hop dance classes are a very popular choice in Caloundra for students wanting to learn a modern dance style. Hip Hop classes appeal throughout all the age groups.

Sunshine Coast Hip Hop Classes

Ages 5 to 6

Primary Hip Hop

Primary Hip Hop classes are all about having fun, with our students starting out in their exploration of the style.

Students are exposed to a number of basic Hip Hop moves and are encouraged to let their personal style shine through and to feel comfortable in an emotive dance style.

Ages 5 to 6

Ages 7 to 9

Junior Hip Hop

Junior Hip Hop classes are all about learning the foundations of basic hip hop movements and some break dancing movements.

These classes also start to introduce our dance students improvisation and encouraging the camaraderie of a modern group dance, by cheering your peers and ultimately having fun whilst dancing.

Our Hip Hop Teachers aim to do a fun dance every 3 to 4 weeks, allowing students to express themselves to different choreography and trying different styles.

Ages 7 to 9

Ages 10 to 11

Intermediate Hip Hop

SCPAC students enrolled in our Intermediate Hip Hop dance classes, start progressing and advancing on from the basic movements with the introduction of grooves going across the room. In addition students are coached on connecting moves together to form flow.

Intermediate Hip Hop will see students progressing and improving on breakdance movements.

Our teachers aim to teach students in this class a new dance every week.

Ages 10 to 11

Ages 12+

Senior Hip Hop

Our Senior Hip Hop students really get into their dance-style, and our Hip Hop Teachers encourage harder and more complex groves across the room as a warm up exercise.

The concepts of improvisation are introduced and students explore the range this can give them.

SCPAC seniors also learn a new routine regularly, allowing exploration of many types of hip hop and related styles.

Ages 12+