Senior and Adult Dance Classes Caloundra

Sunshine Coast Senior & Adult Dance Classes

Commercial Jazz

Commercial Jazz is an open class, designed for the senior and adult dancer who is not looking for formal exams and syllabus work, and simply wants to get their vibe on in a fun and high energy dance environment.

The SCPAC Commercial Jazz Teacher focuses on a new dance routine per class every week, with the aim to expand each dancers individual style, whilst also challenging their ability to pick up choreography quickly.

SCPAC senior and adult dance lessons are fantastic for beginners to get a feel for the modern current jazz choreography and commercially appealing style, as well as for the experienced dancer to maintain their fitness and abilities.

Heels Clases

We also offer a Heels class, for our senior and adult dance students who may be looking for dance work that requires the skill of dancing in heels (such as on Cruise Ships) or for those looking for a fun class to enjoy with friends.


Adult Ballet Classes

A real favourite with the adult dance Caloundra community, is our adult ballet classes. Looking for exercise, stretching, ballet technique, then these sessions are for you. Ideal to attend weekly if you are looking for something to do with friends in Caloundra.


All our adult dance lessons are aimed at being non-confronting and available for all adult ages.

Are you interested in Senior and Adult Classes

Reach out to us today for more information on our senior and adult dance classes here on The Sunshine Coast, and to arrange a free trial for yourself and friends.