SCPAC Performance Teams – #SCPACstars

SCPAC Perfomance Teams

Sunshine Coast Performing Arts College has a long history of success at Eisteddfod competitions. SCPAC is multiple award winning throughout the region.

For over a decade SCPAC has been taking its performance teams, the #SCPACstars, to local, regional and inter-state Eisteddfod competitions.

The talent and experience in our performance teams is next level and comes about from all the hard work our students put in to their regular classes, as well as dedicated performance teams training sessions.

SCPAC Performance Teams are run on an invitation basis, and our teachers make recommendations and selections each year in readiness for the upcoming season the following year.

All our performance team students benefit from the additional growth as students and individuals, that is encouraged from being part of a supportive team with their peers.

We encourage a friendly and team-spirit environment throughout our performance teams and whilst having a feeling of competitiveness is important, we absolutely coach and remind our students the importance of being part of a team as well as being supportive for other competitors from our own studios and others.

We are proud to have received independent unbiassed feedback year on year from other contenders at Eisteddfods, in relation to how our students carry themselves, represent SCPAC and uphold all our team based competition principles.

Students in our Performance Teams also have the opportunity to train and learn a Solo, Duo, or Trio routine, which they can elect to take to Eisteddfod competitions of their families choosing.

We have a large number of our performance team students who take this up every year, and learn dedicated routines with their teacher, in the studio which they can then take to their chosen Eisteddfods.