SCPAC Concert 2021

With a whole lot of excitement, we can finally reveal the 2021 SCPAC dance Concert Theme.... IT TAKES A VILLAGE, right here in Caloundra.
This year I really wanted a theme that represents who we are - a family. More than ever, we have heard so many comments about our Dance Family, and how truly special our SCPAC Family is. So over the course of the year, I've sat back and thought about how to sum up all that we are, in a few simple words;
  • How do I sum up the loud, proud, roar of support from our SCPAC Dance Fam at an Eisteddfod, when one of our babies gets up on stage for their very first solo?
  • How do I sum up the warmth that is felt, when I catch a glimpse of the senior students playing hide and seek with the Baby Boppers?
  • How do I sum up that awful feeling of having our studio shut down due to Covid, and the look of hope, perseverance & confidence our teachers have looking back at me through zoom, giving us the support we need to push through a pandemic?

Here at SCPAC, we are more than just a dance studio. "It takes a Village" truly represents what we have achieved here at our studio.

It takes a Village to raise a child - It takes a truly special Dance Family to give them a second home. ❤
We can't to present to Caloundra, the latest SCPAC dance concert - It takes a village.