Nina began her dance training on the Sunshine Coast when she was 15 years old. Once graduated from high school she moved to Melbourne, where she studied Dance/Performing Arts at a full-time school called Dance World. Upon graduating from Dance World with her Diploma in Dance/Performing Arts, she accepted a contract with Walt Disney and travelled around Asia performing as a dancer and singer. She also worked for another children’s musical company called X Systems where she travelled to Singapore several times for Christmas contracts.

Nina was also part of the Dance 2XS Australia Hip hop crew and this is where she landed her love for hip-hop and commercial dance. Being part of this crew and being involved in many international workshops in Australia gave her inspiration to travel and train at the schools In Los Angeles. Nina lived in LA for three months and trained at Schools such as Millennium Dance Center, Debbie Reynolds and the Edge Performing Arts. After travelling overseas Nina came back to Australia and became serious about teaching. Three years later Nina graduated from Central Queensland University with a Bachelor of Education in Dance / Physical Education. She now teaches in high schools and several other private dance schools around the coast.

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