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The SCPAC Part-Time Classical Ballet Elite Program offers the gifted, dedicated students an intensive training program to accelerate their progress both technically and artistically in classical ballet.

The highly qualified permanent and guest staff will aid the development of these talented students in preparation for full-time dance training, leading to a career in the classical ballet or contemporary stream.

With a holistic approach towards each student's development, a thorough and complete Saturday training program is offered to support and extend upon their weekday classes: Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examination syllabus work, performance ballet elite team, well-being and conditioning classes (pilates and technique), pointe, contemporary, jazz and acrobatics. Our Part-Time curriculum includes classes in pilates, stretch, limber and body conditioning, open classical ballet, barre technique, centre technique, pointe and repertoire.

  • Pilates, stretch/limber and conditioning, Marie Walton Mahon Progressing Ballet Technique classes are integral in building strength, body awareness, engaging specific muscles, core stability and muscle lengthening. To assist in additional resistance, stability, flexibility and strength we use various apparatus within the studio; Pilates ball's, Bosu (half ball), balance board, turning board, therabands, ankle weights, free weights, skipping ropes, foam rollers, trigger point balls. Class structure differs weekly; including group class training, circuit class or individual program work. Each student follows an individually tailored physio program both in class and outside of class hours to target their weaknesses and bring mental awareness of areas to focus on.
  • Open ballet class work allows students to learn skills beyond their syllabus work, learn and retain new exercises quickly, extend artistically with differing lines and port de bras and broaden and extend their knowledge of classical repertoire.
  • Repertoire class allows our students to have the opportunity to learn traditional choreography danced in ballet companies across the world. Repertoire variations challenge the students in choreography, performance, and character portrayal, also giving them the opportunity to later compete in repertoire championships.  

The program equips students with the necessary preparation to audition for nationally recognised ballet and contemporary companies. The opportunity to experience the audition process and the chance to be accepted into extension classes, training programs and elite or professional performances are important for a young dancer seeking exposure in the dance world and a career pathway in the arts. Our specialised training is ideal for students who are aiming for a career in dance or to further their studies in classical ballet.

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