Acrobatics is a dynamic and important aspect of the performing arts and is very beneficial in the flexibility, and strength, of the dancer.

SCPAC Acrobatic classes are fun, exciting and a great subject for Male and female students from 6 years of age. Acrobatics is fun, creative, skillful and an entertaining form of dance. Our classes include a warm-up, flexibility, cartwheel, round off, flips, aerial work, and the art of balancing and posture. The acrobatic classes are structured to enable the students to be placed in their appropriate level, according to ability. The ability based class, places students with similar skills together, allowing time for more detail and technique to be provided by the teacher. The advantages to this over a standard age or exam based class setup, is that students have the ability to move up as soon as they are capable and new students with prior training are not limited by a formal progression structure. The benefits of this are still being seen today.


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